At this time even though some of our brothers and sisters are not meeting in person at the church building, we are continuing to do ministry in various new ways.  In addition to that, our church expenses are also continuing.  Here are some ways you can continue to support our church ministries during this time.


For mailing a check through the U.S. Postal service use the address below.  If you are concerned about privacy, please mark your envelope “Attn: Treasurer”:    

First Baptist Church of Lathrop  –  PO Box 576  –  Lathrop, MO 64465

Electronic Giving

“Bill Pay” is one of the better ways to give electronically and it is done through your bank using your existing checking account.   Some of you may already be using this service.  If not you will need to contact your bank and they can explain how it works and help you set it up.  Most banks provide this as a free service.  At some point you will need the church mailing address to set up the church as a vendor that will receive money from you.   You will need to use the same Church mailing address as above.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Current Missions Emphasis

Our current missions emphasis is the MMO Missouri Missions Offering, Rheubin L. South.  The donations collected for this offering go directly to two dozen ministries and mission projects across Missouri.  Click the giving icon on the home page to give. God bless you.