FBC Lathrop


FBC Lathrop sermons are given every Sunday immediately following musical worship. They are typically preached by pastor Ron Malott, though others fill in from time to time. Here is a list of our sermons, starting with the most recent on top. 

Click on titles below to view the video of the sermon. 


2019-8-4 Reboot Part 1 – Dr. Ron Malott

2019-8-11 Reboot Part 2 – Dr. Ron Malott

2020-1-12 Paul’s Call – Our Call – Dr. Ron Malott 

2020-1-19 A Reminder For Today – Dr. Ron Malott 

2020-1-26 When God Is Silent – Dr. Donnie Quinn

2020-2-2 Which Is Greater? – Dr. Ron Malott

2020-2-9 Your Words Have Power – Dr. Ron Malott